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The beading adapter makes it possible to easily connect and disconnect the tent of the camper van. Most camper vans are fitted with a tent rail and most camper and van awnings are fitted with a beading While setting up the van awning the beading can easily be slid into the tent rail. If the tent is completely set up, it is almost impossible to drive away the van. For this problem the beading adapter offers the solution. The double beading strap is now slided into the tent rail. With the connecting strips you can "connect" to the double beading and the beading of the van simple to each other. If you want to drive off, you can easily remove the connecting strips.

Product specifications

General features
SKU 229487
Warranty period 12 months
Brand obelink
SKU manufacturer A229487
Physical features
Length 400 cm
Colour Grey
Height 10 cm
Material features
Material PVC
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